About us

It all started with our kids in our family’s room for crafting.

Pyzzle it’s co-founder Therese and her kids were crafting and repainted toys, cut fabrics, glued beads and their imagination became a new toy, new clothes to their doll or fine jewelry. The kids also played apps where they created new virtual clothes, building toy figures and even whole worlds out of blocks. Everything they created became so personal and you could see how proud they were. To be designers, creators and inventors made them grew a few inch and me even more.

A few months later, she went with her daughter Elsa to the toy store to buy a toy robot. Time passed by but she could’t find the robot she wanted. Elsa thought all robots were so ”boyish” with fire and weapons. It simply didn’t look the way she had imagine. A unique robot only for her, with wings and a unicorn horn. A thought was born! “Children should be able to use their imagination to create their own real toys & accessories in playful apps.”

We want to give kids the tools to create their fantasy, their dreams and ideas.

Pyzzle It want to capture the power of creativity through play. Therefore we create apps so kids can create their own toys and accessories in a creative and a playful way

We want to give them the tools to create their fantasy, their imagination and ideas. Since we believe in the power of creativity through play our current and future apps will always be designed from the kids perspective.

What we don’t believe in is rules how to play, “right” or “wrong” way to create things, or differences between ”girl toys” and ”boy toys”. There’s just the power of creativity and play.

You design and we produce durable products in sustainable material.

Did you know that about 90% of all those toys are made out of plastic? On top of that most toys also comes in way to large plastic packages. We want to change that.

We will always produce and deliver products from a sustainable perspective, with as little negative effect as possible on our planet.

We respect kids. They have always been a natural part of the development of our apps and products. By hand we realize their imagination and turn it into high-quality and long lasting products you want to keep. Durable products that means something for you and for you kid. We hope that the power of creativity empowers the kids to believe in themselves to push further, explore and discover.

Therese Grahn with her two daughters Elsa & Selma

With love from
Team Pyzzle it